This site is a write-down of various projects that I do.

The projects include working with:

  • Embedded HW design, including PCB design (KiCAD, OrCAD, Altium, Eagle), simulations (LTSpice), and general HW design
  • Microcontrollers (PIC32, STM32, Cypress PSOCs, AVRs, TI's CC chips, various othes)
  • C/Python/Assembly
  • Power drain optimizations
  • NFC design and antenna tuning
  • RF things (868MHz, 2.4GHz)
  • USB devices & stacks
  • Custom decoder scripts for sigrok/pulseview
  • Capacitive touch interfaces
  • C64/6502, Gameboy/Z80 and other retro stuff
  • RC models
  • Guitars, tube amplifiers and other audio gear
  • Hacks of any kind

Favorite debugging tool: tweezers, for quick shorts

HW motto to live by:

# For the love of ><, do not price-optimize a design until the prototype is done.

SW motto to live by:

# Do not use pre-made libraries for embedded projects,
# unless you are content with the limitations, 
# accept that they will break, and will have to be rewritten at one point